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Pushchair do's and don'ts

My Babiie pushchair do's and don'ts

We've compiled a small list of suggested Do's and Don'ts for your My Babiie pushchairs and strollers. We strongly advise you adhere to these to prolong the life of your My Babiie product and to avoid invalidating your My Babiie Guarantee.

Do always use the brakes

Do use your brakes!!
Ensure the parking brake is engaged during the loading and unloading of children & when the pushchair is stationary.

Do always use pushchair harness

Do always use the restraint system!
Ensure that the child restraint system is correctly fitted at all times.

Do keep your pushchair clean

Do keep your pushchair clean and dirt free.
Use a clean white cloth, warm water and a mild detergent to keep your pushchair clean.

Do push puschair with both hands

Do always keep two hands on the handles when pushing.
You could lose control of your pushchair if not steering with both hands.

Do empty pushchair basket before folding

Do empty the basket before folding your pushchair.
Leaving items in your basket when folding could cause damage to your product, so always make sure it is empty.

Do use the pushchair instruction manual

Do follow manufacturers instructions when assembling and using your pushchair.
For safety, please refer to our instruction manuals or contact customer support if you're unsure.

Do enjoy your My Babiie pushchair

Do enjoy your My Babiie product!
Go out and have fun adventures with your little one!

Don't bump pushchair up stairs

Don’t use your pushchair up and down stairs!
Don’t use your pushchair up or down stairs or to bump kerbs.

Don't hang bags off pushchair handles

Don’t hang bags off the handles!
Bags and other items should not be hung from the handles as this can affect the stability of the pushchair.

Don't run or skate with pushchair

Don’t run or skate with your pushchair!
Our products are not suitable for running or skating.

Don't carry pushchair with baby in

Don’t carry the stroller with baby inside!
Our pushchairs are not designed to be carried with your baby inside them.

Don't put hot drinks in the bottle holder

Don’t put hot drinks in the cup holder.
Hot drinks burn and can easily spill from the bottle holder.

Don't jet wash your pushchair

Don’t jetwash your pushchair.
Some jet washers are very powerful and could damage parts of your pushchair!

Don't leave your pushchair unattended with baby in

Don’t leave your child un-attended in their pushchair.
Always keep your child and pushchair in view to avoid accidents.

Don't treat your pushchair as a trolley

Don't treat your pushchair like a trolley.
Don't load your pushchair up with all your shopping as they are not built for this purpose and could cause damage.

Don't bump pushchairs

Don’t use your pushchair as a bumper cart!
Damage can easily occur if your pushchair is knocked into other things.

Don't smoke around your pushchair

Don’t smoke around your pushchair.
We wouldn't want your pushchair or little one getting hurt or damaged!

Don't park your pushchair on extreme gradients

Don’t leave your pushchair unattended on extreme gradients.
Even with your brakes on your pushchair is at risk from tipping or sliding on extreme gradients!

Don't overload your pushchair

Don’t sit in the pushchair unless the user is under the guideline weight.
Our pushchairs are designed to hold a maximum weight. If exceeded this will cause damage!