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My Babiie Parent Panel

My Babiie Parent Panel

As parents there are no opinions we trust more than those of other parents! We’ve created the My Babiie Parent Panel as a specialist team who work with us to review new products, take part in our surveys and to give us honest opinions on new designs and ideas for the My Babiie brand!

The My Babiie Parent Panel review baby and child related products for us – it could be anything from a travel system to a highchair, a changing bag or a funky new design for a baby bouncer.

As a trusted panelist we will discuss some of our brightest new ideas with you on a regular basis, you will be the first to see our new designs and the first to try our new products. We will regularly send out "pre-release" products for trial within our parent panel, which we need your opinion on whilst maintaining discretion so as not to ruin the surprise of the launch!

Advice we can trust

We carefully select parents across the UK to work with us on recommendations and advice which we can trust and use to help us develop the worlds leading baby products. Parents are the best people for us to work with when it comes to baby products, together with their little ones they are the people who are using products day in and day out who want to achieve the very best quality and safety in everything My Babiie.

Your best interests at heart

As a brand we are always striving for perfection and our Parent Panel forms part of our Continuous Improvement Programme.

My Babiie believes in making the best product possible at the time and then making it even better if possible by consistently going beyond what is required!

My Babiie's mission statement of “for little people who dream big” extends through these improvement programmes. We will not stop until our products are recognised as the best in the world.

My Babiie's parent panel is an invitation only programme where our panelists are identified and invited by our Social, Technical and Product development teams.

Members of our Parent Panel give us regular reviews on all sorts of products from baby wipes to pushchairs!

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