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Meet the My Babiie Parent Panel

We would like to introduce some of the fantastic members of the My Babiie Parent Panel who give their time to provide us with invaluable feedback in testing products in ‘real life’ situations. They are:

Parent Panel - Dannielle


I am a busy mum to two gorgeous children, Sadie (2) and Jaxon (6 months) I have always wanted to be a mum from whenever I can remember and so I am so blessed to be a mummy to these two amazing children of mine!

I have previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school and have had lots of experience since leaving school myself with young children in different settings before having my own! I am now a stay at home mum who tries to make the most out of the time I have with my children whilst I can. We love spending time outdoors and try to make the most of the (very little) warm weather we have here as well as wrapping up and going out during the colder months. Spending time as a family is my favourite thing to do with Sadie, Jaxon and their daddy.

I am definitely a spender and love shopping, no more shopping for myself anymore but for my two instead! Who doesn't love to buy baby products! I love supporting small and handmade shops and probably receive a parcel every week 😅

I am so pleased to be a part of the My Babiie parent panel to be able to share our views on new products which will be coming soon! I hope our opinions can help others to make a decision on their purchases too. Thank you!

Parent Panel - Kerryann Evans

Kerry Ann

Kerry Ann from South Wales, I have a son named Tommie who is almost 5 and a daughter Nancie Mae who has just turned one year old! I have worked in the childcare industry for 15 years and am now the deputy manager of a private creche! As you can imagine I have used many different childcare products from many different makes and companies over the years, therefore I believe I have the experience to give honest opinions and know what practical things to look out for that will work best for mums and dads! I am super exited to be working with My Babiie to offer honest opinions about their products! Who better to test their products than a busy mum to two very busy children!

Parent Panel - Jo


As a Beauty Therapist I am quite the perfectionist and take a lot of interest in design and the way things look so I was totally over the moon and love the fact that I can change the hood colour to suit the season. Everything is of such good quality and so reasonably priced and most of all looks great! That's why we are so pleased to be on the parent panel as we love the brand and are always interested in new and exciting baby products.

Favourite My Babiie Product

Parent Panel - Jordan


Jordan recently joined the Parent Panel and has one daughter Savannah (1 year old). Jordan became a young mum at 17 years old and Savannah is the apple of her eye. She says that one of the great things about parenting is ‘when you stare at your child and say to yourself ‘I made that, that is mine’ and your heart swells’.

Jordan is a musical theatre enthusiast and sings, listens to music and spends time with her little girl whenever she can. They live by the sea so spend lots of time outdoors and get to the beach whenever the weather allows. Jordan loves baby items ‘I love learning what works right for me and my daughter and I seriously love giving advice to people, especially parents whom I know struggle at times, just like I do’

Favourite My Babiie Product

Parent Panel - Emily


Emily is mum to ‘two beautiful children’ Arthur (nearly 2) and Cordelia (6 months). She previously worked as an events and marketing manager travelling the world, so becoming a ‘stay at home mum’ has been a new challenge! She enjoys taking her son swimming, to soft play, to the park or even gymnastics club!! As well as spending time doing arts and crafts and reading. ‘Every day is a new experience and sometimes it’s a challenge’ says Emily

‘The idea of becoming a panellist for My Babiie was really exciting! I love baby products and I love great design and My Babiie fantastically combines the two! It is hard to find baby products that aren’t just practical but look good too…. I can use my past work experience as well as my new found knowledge as a mum to give practical and honest advice on new products, as well as having lots of fun trying them out with the babies!’

Favourite My Babiie Product

Parent Panel - Dan


Daniel who is father to Isla (2 years old) and Elliot (4 months). He works full time and his wife Caroline works part time. The family value their time together and enjoy visits to local parks, zoos, and kids clubs. ‘Seeing how fast Isla is developing now is really amazing ….you can see her personality and also Elliot’s personality now and to think they’ll grow up together and have a close bond is quite special’.

Daniel was chosen from the hundreds of entrants to the Join the My Babiie Parent Panel competition and says ‘to help and offer advice as a panellist is good as it could lead to innovative products or improvements’

Favourite My Babiie Product

Parent Panel - Montrice


Montrice is mother to ‘a very active and energetic little girls`. Montrice feels ‘passionately about making the best out of the worst situations’ so ‘right now it is all about being as happy as possible and not letting little things get me down’. ‘I find it truly inspiring watching my babies turn into the little madams they are today’ ☺ ‘Parenting isn’t always a walk in the park .. sometimes you just need 10 minutes not to watch Peppa Pig on repeat!’ but she ‘wouldn’t trade it for anything’.

Applying to be a panellist was an easy decision for Montrice ‘because I am addicted to shopping! …I try to buy from independent sellers and always give my feedback and advice…I think it’s amazing that people have dedicated their time to give something back to all the parents who need reassuring that they are buying the best products for their babies and I am honoured to be a part of that

Favourite My Babiie Product

Parent Panel - Anna


Anna is from Paisley and is a single mum to Kian (9 months). She loves ‘taking my son to the park and spending time with his wee friends and their mummies’. She is constantly amazed by how much Kian learns every day and how much he changes. And has recently been thrilled to hear him shout ‘Mummy’! (we think she might not always find it quite so thrilling ☺)

Anna had ‘lost faith’ in My Babiie ‘but everything was turned around when I got an apology for the problems that occurred and I got asked to help being a team member of the My Babiie Panel’. She is a regular reviewer and provides valuable feedback.

Favourite My Babiie Product