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Are you ready to be our next brand ambassador?

You could be a mum, dad, grandma, blogger, bargain hunter, childcarer... anyone. As long as you love My Babiie, we want to work with you.

Never underestimate the value of a good first impression

The goal of our Brand Ambassador Program is to increase brand awareness online and in your local communities through positive engagement and interaction. As a brand ambassador, we’re asking you to promote My Babiie as a brand, product and lifestyle.

Brand ambassadors are asked to promote My Babiie primarily through social media in a way that resonates with their own parenting lifestyle. A big part of being a brand ambassador means encouraging your friends, families and networks to try My Babiie products.

We’d love for you to let everyone know about the products, ranges and designs.

As you help us to spread the word, we ask that you embody our mission, values and ethics while representing the My Babiie brand.

My Babiie Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Commitments

Our Brand Ambassadors are typically ‘higher profile’ parents. In order to maximise exposure for our brand and yourself individually, we recommend that Brand Ambassadors have at least 2 active social media / online platforms (ie. FB, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, Blog)

In exchange for your promotion, you will be featured on our website and promoted via our My Babiie platforms to assist you in building your audience. The more you share about My Babiie, the more we share about you!

Interested in joining #TeamMyBabiie??

If you have a social media following of over 30,000 we would love to hear from you. Please email: Ambassadors@mycompaniie.com with your name, email, social media @’s and a reason for why you’d love to work with us.

My Babiie Brand Ambassador